Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pink Floyd - 1967 - The Beechwood tape (raw copy)



Dr. Forrester said...

Nick Mason played this 1967 Pink Floyd reel during an interview in 1969. It contains the unreleased "In The Beechwood" plus 2 versions of "Vegetable Man" (a 1967 mix and instrumental). Not copied from HYGIY, this is an unprocessed copy.

1969 interview master reel>cassette>CDR(x?)

Anonymous said...

OK, just finished here. Took most of my nights this week. Worth it. Syd and PF I didn't have. These FLAC's are incredible. My ongoing -forever - project of transcribing Syd's lyrics/chords actually turned up, in one of these, the correct word here. Finally. Nice one!