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Pink Floyd - 1981-06-17 - Livewall


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Dr. Forrester said...

Artist: Pink Floyd
Title: Livewall
Venue: Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Date: June 17, 1981

Label: Live Storm
Catalogue No: LSCD52100
Released: 1994
Country: Italy

Excellent Floyd boot here friends. The date on the boot itself is wrong. I have listed this post with the correct date above in red. I have had this one for a long time and have not seen this date out there in some of the biggest Floyd libraries. I got the info from The Pink Floyd RoIO Database. If you need this one to help complete your collection, I could not be happier to help. If you are a casual fan, it is a very good performance of the Wall and the sound is pretty good audience. Any questions, please ask. Enjoy everyone!


Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason

Andy Bown (bass)
Snowy White (guitar)
Willie Wilson (drums)
Peter Wood (keyboards)


01 In The Flesh (5:50)
02 The Thin Ice (2:48)
03 Another Brick In The Wall (Part One) (4:57)
04 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (1:22)
05 Another Brick In The Wall (Part Two) (6:27)
06 Mother (8:34)
07 Goodbye Blue Sky (4:08)
08 What Shall We Do Now (4:46)
09 Young Lust (5:31)
10 One Of My Turns (4:10)
11 Don't Leave Me Now (Part One) (3:06)
12 Don't Leave Me Now (Part Two) (1:11)
13 Another Brick In The Wall (Part Three) (6:08)

01 Goodbye Cruel World (1:00)
02 Hey You (5:03)
03 Is There Anybody Out There (3:14)
04 Nobody Home (3:14)
05 Vera (2:04)
06 Bring The Boys Back Home (1:23)
07 Comfortably Numb (7:21)
08 The Show Must Go On (2:45)
09 In The Flesh (8:50)
10 Run Like Hell (8:00)
11 Waiting For The Worms (4:47)
12 The Trial (6:56)
13 Outside The Wall (2:53)

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