Monday, June 30, 2014

The Happily Everafter


I was drafted into this band that was really musically more advanced than my playing. They already had their own style which was a cross between Kate Bush, The Incredible String Band and Downey Mildew. It was a good experience in that it was the tightest outfit I have ever been in and played in front of real audiences. It was also great to play with long time friend and mentor David Fleminger however since I did not  live in San Francisco there was little time for musical collaboration on my part.  The cover art is an etching by Dave that he called "Eye Of The Storm".

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Dr. Forrester said...

The Bruce Haemmerle Masters Collection Presents -

The Happily Everafter

01 Silent Song
02 Nowhere
03 Backwords
04 The Way She Is
05 Lucifer Sam
06 Ah La Day
07 Beats A Tattoo On The Roof
08 Nebulous
09 Innocent You
10 Spell A C D

Original .flac files & cover art images provided by BH.