Monday, June 30, 2014

Testaments, Leftovers, Colaborations


The name TLC was a play on Tender Loving Care. It featured 2 songs that I had written that year ( 1997 ) that took me a long time to complete due to the emotion involved ( "Cause Of Death", "Such A Crime", ) and other songs that I had help on ( "Laughing At Me" features the late Joe Kazska on guitar, "Something Wrong In My Brain" and " The Key" co-written by the late Chris Morris, "Planning A Murder" written by Vance Haemmerle and Mark Haemmerle played guitar and drums on Cause Of Death, Such A Crime, Planning A Murder, On A Plane ). The others were either alternate mixes of things recorded at DeVry Phoenix or things I did not previous put on a compact disc because simply, they suck ( Moved Away, Reflection ).

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Dr. Forrester said...

The Bruce Haemmerle Masters Collection Presents -

Testaments, Leftovers, Colaborations

01 - Fear The Air
02 - So High
03 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
04 - Second Coming
05 - Reflection
06 - Moved Away
07 - On A Plane (Acoustic)
08 - The Reason
09 - The Key
10 - Planning A Murder
11 - Something Wrong In My Brain
12 - Laughing At Myself
13 - Such A Crime
14 - Cause Of Death

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Original cover art images provided by BH.