Monday, June 30, 2014

Songs For Emily (the Elephant)


This was the second compilation of my songs cira 1995 put together that was mainly the epic "Elephant's Prayer" which we attempted to make a video for, and songs recorded after putting Decaying Masters together. My favorite here is " Gone" which I often played live solo acoustic. Most of the tracks are plagued with bad timing as I decided to do live drums as my friend Joe Kazcka used to do. Unfortunately I tended to do things in one take and just go with the results ( Happy 30th, Remember, Feeling Ill ).

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Dr. Forrester said...

01 Elephants Prayer
02 Mandolin
03 Remember
04 Key To My Heart
05 Happy 30th
06 On A Plane
07 Promises
08 Feeling Ill
09 Someone
10 To begin
11 Warm To Cold
12 Gone
13 Transmissions Underwater
14 Birdy Bear