Monday, June 30, 2014

Polecats 4 Peace


The two 4-track demos the band recorded, the first produced by me and featuring Travis Roberts on bass, the second produced by Mark Shafer of Caterwaul and I play bass on the recordings. There is also the complete 91x radio spot with Marco Collins and a few rough recordings of "Song".


Dr. Forrester said...

01 Turn Another Page
02 So High
03 it Was Only
04 Second coming
05 Grand Design
06 Warm To Cold
07 President
08 Substitute
09 Bells of Rhymney
10 No Mans Land
11 So High
12 Turn Another Page
13 Intro
14 Listen To This Part1
15 Listen To This Part2
16 Song

Anonymous said...

Most successful meaning we got played on 91x , got 5 rejection letters from independent labels after sending out press kits for 50+
and we played a handful of shows mostly to sound-men on the other bands on the bill. Lasted almost 7 months. At least Thingmaker were together for over a year and recorded a demo that sounded like the band did.