Monday, June 30, 2014

Boo & Democracy


Boo was David Fleminger's 4th or 5th incarnation of the Answers sound ( but controlled by Chris Gasht who could barley stand on stage ). They were asked by Arthur Lee to back his Forever Changes reunion tour but Boo disbanded due to instability of its controller, so Arthur settled for Baby Lemonade. Arthur had seen Boo live and said they had the right energy.

Democracy are all demos by David Fleminger from around that same time, 1994 with many tracks intended for the band Boo. Several Epic tracks here in my opinion.
The Boo drawing is by Dave Fleminger.


Dr. Forrester said...

The Bruce Haemmerle Masters Collection Presents -

Boo & Democracy

01 - Cathode
02 - Astral Projection
03 - Red Star
04 - I Fall Apart
05 - Colornotes
06 - Liquify - Interstellar Overdrive (Live at the Purple Onion 1995-04-21)
07 - Hurricane Fighter Plane (Live at the Purple Onion 1995-03-17)
08 - Millennium
09 - The Great Depression (Flemtones)
10 - Surprise
11 - Break Me
12 - D'oh
13 - Neverclear

Audio CD provided by BH -> EAC -> .wav files -> TLH -> .flac files

agro666 said...

Who said Arthur Lee ever saw Boo? LOL

The idea that Chris "controlled" the band is wrong. Dave and I were doing all the song writing and arranging all the practices. Chris formed the band with me but I brought Dave into it. We gave Chris plenty of leeway though because we all shared a similar vision of where we wanted to go up until the last gig.