Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Path Forward

I still haven't decided exactly what should be done. However, I did change one blog to invitation only. If you want an invitation, please send me an email or leave your email address in a comment. Limit 100 people. I doubt I'll get that many, but, hey, thought I would throw that out there.


Greg said...

Dear Dr. Forest,
Whatever decision you will take I would like to ask you to accept me.

slp22 said...

I would like an invitation if and when you decided to start another blog. Thank You for all your hard work over the years.

Fagin said...

One for Gandalf Murphy, one for gnomes - best of both worlds...& as for the circle getting smaller, in uncertain times & times of war, you just have to pull up the drawbridge for a while, taking considerations first, until it's safe to lower the drawbridge again...

kike said...

Dear Dr.F,

whatever you want, I would like to be a part of this community.
My best regards, Kike.

Osvaldo said...

I'm in shock, it's hard to understand it ...
I think the third possibilities is the best one. Anyway, I would like to keep connected to your blog.

Anonymous said...

A Gandalf Murphy blog would be fun.

I would certainly like to be in your "friends only" circle.

Do what you think is best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up Doc. I'm a regular visitor here and would certainly appreciate being counted as an 'in.'

The Village Idiot said...

First off, thanks for everything that you've uploaded. Between you and Qualitybootz I have been treated to so much more Pink Floyd than I ever would have dreamed of.

That said if you do decide to make a private version for all of us Floyd fanatics I would beg for an invite.

Thanks again

Alex Carmack said...

Thanks for your blog to date. If you choose to continue, please consider adding my name into the mix.


Anonymous said...

I am definitely one of the 2200 that appreciates your hard work on a daily basis. I would certainly be interested in an invitation to the esteemed blog.

wardo said...

I think I've partaken of a mere fraction of what you've provided. (You had me at Robyn Hitchcock.) If you go invite only, I'd love to follow.

bobbydjr said...

Personally, I'm not that interested in Gandalf Murphy (just being honest). I come here for Pink Floyd. So if you continue posting Floyd boots somewhere, please include me. I'd love to follow you too. And as others have said, thank you so much for what you've already done to share so much great music with us. You and Dave are the best!

MarcC said...

Major bummer. I am so sorry to see all of your work dashed in an instant. Concerning your future, I have seen a setup that is both public and private, I think running parallel. Vintage Standup Comedy is the site, JimG is the man. I don't understand the details, but maybe he can shed some light. If you need his email or web address, contact me (these days we can't show too much here, sadly). Thanks for all the fish, it has been amazing. If you go on, I hope I can join you.

Take care, MarcC

Rockon said...

Rebirth! Please accept me for an invitation. I sent you an email. I agree with all the comments. This is a great blog to visit. You put so much into to this, it would be a waste to let it go. There is so much music here that I've never seen and heard. I'm sure I'm not the only one that missed more that a few of your posts. Thanks again for not giving up on us!

My Best - Rockon!

Mathsdg said...

Bonjour de France,
merci pour une invitation pour un très grand fan des Floyds
Bonne chance

PJL said...

Dear Dr Forrester
The blog has been FANTASTIC for Pink Floyd items - thanks !
Please keep up the good work.
Please invite me to the blog.
Best Regards.

wardy164 said...

I would love an invitation to your blog - it is one of the most interesting and well put together blogs I have come across.Also, the posts are second to none so please xonsider me if you decide to go this way.

wardy164 said...

This is the best blog around and I would really like to be invited to become a part of it if you decide to continue. The quality and content is second to none and I really appreciate all that you here done here.
Regards and good luck!!

LeicesterJim said...

Please count me in on any future blogging. Thanks for what you've done so far.

Ismael said...

Hello Dr.F,
i've just read it and it's a pity.Of course i would like also be invited.Thank you very much for sharing all this music with us.
Best wishes

Pinkflol said...

Dear Dr. Forrester,

Today I'm very sad.
I'm coming here on your blog everyday for many years.
I was happy finishing to complete the HRV series and I discovered the Breathe's one. Now it's too late...
I thank you for all your great work and all the things you provided to us.
I would really appreciate an invitation for a future PF blog.

Best regards from France.

andy r said...

Dear Dr. Forest, love your blog got some great stuff from you
i would like an invitation if and when you decide what to do
all the best andy r

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what's happened. Are all files reported or two? If one is an MoLM release is it one based on official material? This could have implications for all Floyd RoIO sites. Who is complaining? MoLM or EMI? If its MoLM it doesn't make sense.
Going private won't help, how can you tell its not a spy asking for access and even someone vetted can wap allegance. Whichever way this goes thanks for the ride so far. I'm off to burn some Immersion releases for free distribution in my local high street. By the time I've finished everyone in town will have their own free copies, thats how we shared in the 70's.

Keith Copas said...

"Oh, Help me please Doctor- I'm damaged...!"

I would LOVE to be one of "the Chosen Few" - PLEASE include me in the next phase....!

Such a GREAT, damn site - turned me on to SO many things I was never aware of before! Thank you for that!


Innocent Bystander said...

I'm still sitting here in shock that all that hard legal work could be wiped out in an instant.

You've been one of my, if not daily then at least every 2-3 day stops on my travels through the web (I'll even stop by the stump house every month or so in hopes of anything new there.... :-) ). If you close things up completely I'll be sad but understand completely.

If you do decide to move forward in whatever form, I'd like an invitation. I don't know what, but if you need help with things please ask. I may not have a tremendous amount of free time, but I can certainly find some to help give back to someone who's given so much.


Gueta said...

Thank you very much for sharing, I would love to be in the invitation only blog!

bobbydjr said...

What I don't get, is if there were only 2 files that were violations, why not contact you and let you know, remove just those 2 files, and leave the rest that are not violations? According to Hotfiles Intellectual Property Policy:

(2) disable access to or remove content that it believes in good faith may infringe the copyrights of third parties; and

(3) discontinue service to users who repeatedly make such content available or otherwise violate HotFile’s Terms of Service.

Unless you've been reported before, they went against their own policy.

pavel said...

Dear Dr. Forrester,
I'm another one of the 2200 that visit you blog daily, and I would like an invitation.
Many thanks,

arstider said...


I hope to one of the 100 people.

Best wishes from Sweden

Cuddlybear said...

Hello Dr.

I am sorry to hear of these recent developments for your site.

I downloaded some fabulous purple chick material from here and others have benefitted from this for free and I thank you on their behalf.

I would be grateful if you would include me as one member of an invited list.

As it is, thank you for all your hard work.

Best wishes


misa said...

Dear Dr. Forrester,

I'm very sad.
I'm coming here on your blog everyday.

I thank you for all your great work.

I want to give the PF Bootleg LP which I collect if possible.

I would really appreciate an invitation for next PF blog.

Best regards from Japan.

Alain (from France) said...

Dear Dr. Forrester,

I'm another one of the 2200 and I would like an invitation.
Many thanks for all your hard work.

colonelparker said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful things with us.
Add me to you list if you would go invite only.

Lunatic217 said...

Dear Dr. Forrester,
Tis a sad day for me as well. Thank you for sharing your amazing collection with us. I, too, can be counted as one of your daily visitors & would be honored to be on your list of friends.
Many, many thanks,


fab said...

thanks for your blog,
I would like to be a part of this community.
all the best

superted said...

i would like an invatation please

Anonymous said...

Your fan, please carry on, with thanks, mz

Danny H said...

Would love it if you could include me too!!
Danny H

Anonymous said...

I have not appreciated as it should, here is terrible what has been lost, the information should be free on all that has the ability to transform people. I will send you an email asking you to accept me in your new blogg, and who reported the files, I dedicate shepps dogs. from Mexico greatly appreciate all your efforts and work.

P. S. please use the google translator to write this, if it seems weird my English

tony B said...

Thanks for hosting such a wonderful site, it will be sorely missed. Hopefully you will carry on in some form or another and hope to get an invite. Many thanks and best wishes

Antonio said...

Gracias por el Bolg. me gustaria como seguidor de Pink Floyd poder acceder a una invitación. Gracias y un saludo desde España

Anonymous said...

Yikes... amazing how the scene changes.

Dr. Forest, count me in, please. Sending an email privately.


Anonymous said...

A million thanks for so much great music. Looks like the end of an era. Sniff, sniff. Anyway, all the best. Thanks again!

misa said...

Dr. Forest, count me in, please. Sending an email privately.

Anonymous said...

I love PF, I love bootlegs, I used to love checking new bands and I used to buy tons of stuff that I discovered through the internet. But with all that filehosting-sh.t lately and sites closing because of this I lost almost any interest in checking and discovering music. Maybe that´s what the record industry wanted.

maxtorello said...

thanks for all the treasures!I follow your blog for a year and I would be happy to continue.Please reply in my google account. Thanks, Massimo

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you, and thanks again for all your previous posts. I hope you will consider inviting me to your new blog, if you decide to develop it. Thanks again.

John D.

Bretto said...

Thanks so much for all the selfless hard work on your part. I think I've only sampled a fraction of your wonderful site - but it has renewed my appreciation for PF as a great live band. Please consider inviting me to your new blog.


La Piazza Gancio said...

If it happens, I'd like to be part of any future music blogs you organize.

Can't imagine what an irritation it is to have non-copyrighted material taken down like this.

Best regards.

roku_1978 said...

Dear Dr. Forest,

I have great respect for your performance.
Similarly, I wish to browse your blog so far in the future.
I hope that the invitation to serving you.

March 15, 2012 11:21 PM

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Dr. for the best music. Your site is wonderful, but it has renewed for Pink Floyd. Please consider inviting me to your new blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Kate Bush and Floyd stuff. An invite to any new site / blog would be appreciated.

All the best.

memorizator said...

Thanks for your big work and greetings from France.

gregodio said...

please. invite me to your blog. greetings fromo venezuela. I visit your blog almost every day. thanks

Toe Blake said...

My Dear Good Doctor

I can't tell you how much enjoyment your blog has given me!! So let me say "Thanks!" and should you decide to continue, an invite to any new endeavour would be greatly appreciated!



Uncle Dave said...

I thank you for all that you've shared in the past. If you choose to continue your generosity, I would love to tag along for the ride.


Ben'jammin' said...

I would love to be part of the new blog and hope to get invited along :-)


newelectricmuse said...

Just wanted to thank you for making available all these great (unreleased) live shows. Although I've been dipping in and out of the Floyd, I'd mainly like to thank you for all the Yes and ELP you posted a little while back.

LoveBoatCaptain said...

Thanks for all your hard work, I would love a invite to the new blog when you get it up and running.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about this. I was getting all excited about theTOTP video you just posted, only to find it gone. Loved the Kate Bush, the Purple Chick, as well as the Floyd stuff. Please include me on your new invitation.


Late to the party said...

Dear Dr,

I happened upon "Just Add Cones" a few days ago. I've never seen anything come close to the collection at this site. I download judiciously, as I know I'll truly only listen to handful of the myriad selections I see. I can't fathom the time and effort you expended to put this site together. My hat is off to you sir, and only wish I'd found your site sooner.

I'd certainly welcome an invite if you start up again, and this time, I'd show up on time.

Best wishes,

Late to the party

Isabelle said...

It's scary what's happening. People share music since it was possible on any format.
Thank you for your great work with the blog and collaborators! It brought us all so much joy and lots of exciting discoveries.

Of course, I'd love an invitation, too.


Brian Damage said...

Thanks for all that you've done in the past. Heartbreaking to see all your efforts go to waste.

If you decide to continue on a more private basis, I'd love an invite.

Thanks again.

reverbit said...

I would really like an invite, your work has been absolutely amazing.