Tuesday, March 6, 2012


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Dr. Forrester said...

Some Stories About The Wall - Volume 1


PAL - 4/3 & 16/9

Running time: 94 min 24 sec

01. 1981/02/13 - Schûler Express (thanks to GRD) (from MPG)
02. 1982/07/11 - Houba Houba (French TV) (from MPG)
03. - Alan Parker Interview (thanks to BrainDamage) (from MPG)
03. 1982/07/11 - The Wall (TF1 - French TV) (from MPG)
04. 1984/12/22 - Die Mauer Kinder (from MPG)
05. 2007/10/03 - One Life - The Brick In The Wall Kids (BBC1) (from MPG)

A huge thanks to Gabi for the artwork and to Andrew Webber the music menu


Anonymous said...

strange piece here... having a few Wall documentaries i find an interest in this particular dvd due to the inclusion of the bio bit on The Kids... read a few articles on the class and the recording session but am looking forward to seeing an actual tv piece on them . Thanks much on hopefully a Vol. 2 has been done as well.... the rarities on this make a 2nd volume an enticing prospect...