Thursday, March 1, 2012


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Dr. Forrester said...

Here are the .md5 checksums if you desire them -

d4e77e6feea20ff037f6c3455f2615fa *BrDVD026.part1.rar
404c2add7573fdbd508f4612b5a63ee9 *BrDVD026.part2.rar
e66e0c9b566712acf80013732348dc14 *BrDVD026.part3.rar
98eae7ddcbcf342e126f5a42dd0f8f3a *BrDVD026.part4.rar
8e12288097847a97edc06682ce179d6b *BrDVD026.part5.rar
609def5dff18bd9982bebf1ccb64326d *BrDVD026.part6.rar
8df3fd167f8331c6e82f84f94b46e9ec *BrDVD026.part7.rar

Dr. Forrester said...

Pigs Over Metropolis


Dual-Layer DVD
PAL - 4/3
98000 kb/s VBR
LPCM, 48000 Hz, 16 bits, Stereo, 1536 Kb/s sound

Runing time: 01:59:40

As a Fritz Lang's Metropolis movie fan, I wanted to release this project long time ago.
One year ago, I received a Metropolis - Pink Floyd sync'd DVD but the quality of both movie and sound were really bad.
So I decided to make my own version and I worked on the best (and longer) available version of the movie.

This 1927 movie was restored in 2001. Around one quarter of the original movie must be considered as lost.

01. Come in Number 51
02. Sysyphus - Pt. 2
03. Welcome to the Machine
04. Atom Heart Mother
05. Time
06. A New Machine - Pt. 1
07. The Great Gig In The Sky
08. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
09. Echoes - Pt. 1
10. Any Colour You Like
11. Brain Damage
12. Empty Spaces
13. Young Lust
14. Sheep
15. Run Like Hell
16. Dogs Of War
17. Echoes - Pt. 2
18. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
19. Another Brick In The Wall - Pt. 2
20. Interstellar Overdrive
21. Eclipse
22. Another Brick In The Wall - Pt. 3
23. High Hopes

A huge thanks to Andrew Webber for his help and for the music menu and to Gabi for the artwork.

Nov, 2007

Kwai Chang said...

Ha ha Charade you are!!!
Well, why not? they've done the soundtrack race many laps over. This seems like something big enough to be pink. Thanks for using the right paint. Everybody loves a good painter...or should it be "Painter...heal thyself"!
Week-ends and Forrester been very, very good to me!
Thank you, ever so kindly!

Upperwye said...

Wow the weird and wonderful just keep on coming. Thanks for everything posted.

Anonymous said...

well worth not having..... it IS a fraction better than the georgio moroder edition which is the worst thing to happen ever to film , but it rates right there with the pink floyd synched "The Cube" , which like this thing is greatly conceived and ill executed... the choice of music is often nearly there , however once again the use of passages with lyrics negates any cohesion and ruins it .
a great idea , poorly done , and better left unwatched..

Kwai Chang said...

To be honest about it...I didn't want to watch the movie when Queen and others made a gargantuan soundtrack for the re-release. But, the comment from anonymous makes me kind of curious and the Breathe series has been uniformly excellent...I better check it out.

Dr. Forrester said...

I don't give a load of fetid dingo's kidneys about the other sync up jobs - Wizard of Oz or Alice In Wonderland or 2001 A Space Odyssey.

But, I can only say that I loved every moment of this one. This is a great candidate for a soundtrack, because it was silent to begin with.

Anonymous said...

i greatly admire and appreciate Dr. Forrester's openness to a forum of wide and varied opinions , including his own which ive always respected , and allows the multiple insights to give curiosity to someone who might not otherwise be interested either way and might thus build a desire to check something out they would otherwise pass upon . Kudos to ya Doc , and good fortune K.C. , mayhap youll agree with Docs opinion over mine and like the synch as much as he ... happy viewing....

Kwai Chang said...

Thanks Anonymous...that's why I love the Doc, too! Thanks for stirring the curiosity. I think anyone as dedicated as he is...may actually know things that I need to know...that's why I'm excited by most of the stuff he's offered us. Peace, Brothers!

Dr. Forrester said...

Just for the sake of complete transparency, I do sometimes delete comments. They tend to be abusive or spam or things of that sort. I will normally publish everything that seems within the bounds of rational discourse.

To give one smallish example, I had a comment the other day from someone who said (not in these exact words) that I did not love Roger Waters' music - and this was evidenced by the several weeks that have gone by since I have posted one of his concerts.

I can't even count the number of ways that this sort of thing is insane. So, I just deleted it.

Overall, you folks are really wonderful. I appreciate hearing from you. B-)

Kwai Chang said...

It's true!!! I love ANYONE who says exactly what they mean. That's why Anonymous' comment was not taken as an insult(about the Doc) in any way...Just good, sincere opinion. I have an open mind and love knowing there are other thinkers out there. It would be nice to hear (more comments) from all who download. But it's really probably better if they don't. People who don't comment really DON'T have much to say. But those who do, generally have a lot of knowledge to offer that can enhance my own collecting.
To close, The Doc's brand of generosity could surely save the world. But, his dedication is even more cutting edge...That's what makes his work so good...the 'free' part is strictly academic. Sorry to rant...
Thanks, guys!!!
PS- it is possible that insults may be some form of strange gratitude...although I certainly don't consider them to be gifts...I wouldn't accept them either. It's your show, Doc. Throw the ingrate off the stage!
Pink me, please!

Kwai Chang said...

I am grateful to you both! To review: I had not planned to ever watch Metropolis. I never persued it, and were it not for Anonymous, I was just gonna download it for completist reasons. But his comment made me curious...and so I'm watching it. I haven't finished it yet but I think this is a promo film for the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion or some really early Bohemian Grove footage. I think the music is secondary. It is very eerie in that a lot of it synchs quite well. But even worse is that the footage synchs perfectly with real world the cities are just huge prisons full of slave labor. The Machine is there to eat you...and all in the name of Moloch...sacrifice your children to him...
The only thing missing was George H.W. Bush (Magog at Bohemian Grove).
I like it a lot so far. The music may actually be the perfect filter with which to view the movie...that's purely subjective...which might be why I never checked the Wizard Of Oz/Pink Synch...I already didn't like the movie. But, the Wizard has some heavy messages that are buried in symbolism...but quite similar to Metropolis. Thanks, again.