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Dr. Forrester said...

Summer Of The 70's - Top Of The Pops volume 1


PAL - 16/9

Running time: 118 min 04 sec

Recorded on digital from Arte channel

Broadcast Date : 07/07/2008
- The Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar (dec 1971)
- Free: All Right Now (jun 1970)
- Rare Bird: Sympathy (1970)
- Lulu: Everybody Clap (apr 1971)
- The Kinks: Lola (1970)
- Rod Stewart & The Faces: Maggie May (oct 1971)

Broadcast Date : 08/07/2008
- T. Rex: Get It On (dec 1971)
- Slade: Coz I Luv You (dec 1971)
- Jethro Tull: Witch's Promise (jan 1970)
- Rod Stewart & The Faces: Angel (nov 1972)
- Ashton Gardner & Dyke: Resurrection Shuffle (dec 1971)
- David Bowie: Starman (jul 1972)

Broadcast Date : 09/07/2008
- Alice Cooper: School's Out (dec 1972)
- Gary Glitter - Rock & Roll Pt.2 (1972)
- Roxy Music: Virginia Plain (sep 1972)
- Chicory Tip: Son Of My Father (dec 1972)
- Jackson Five: Rockin' Robin (dec 1972)
- The Faces: Richmond (apr 1971)
- The Who: Won't Get Fooled Again (jan 1971)

Broadcast Date : 10/07/2008
- Slade: Mama Weer All Crazee Now (dec 1972)
- Roberta Flack: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (1972)
- Chuck Berry: My Ding-A-Ling (nov 1972)
- Rod Stewart & The Faces: Bad 'N' Ruin (apr 1971)
- The Who: Join Together (jul 1972)
- T. Rex: Metal Guru (dec 1972)

Broadcast Date : 11/07/2008
- The Motors: Airport (1978)
- The Buggles: Video Killed The Radio Star (dec 1979)
- The Stranglers: Walk On By (1978)
- 10cc: I'm Not In Love (1975)
- The Knack: My Sharona (1979)
- Status Quo: Rockin' All Over The World (1977)


Kwai Chang said...


Anonymous said...

another enticing share.... although not overly keen on mime performances , i do really dig the line-up and setlist appearing here... curious as to whether this is an "as broadcast" or fan-edit (which Breathe and Harvested do supremely well)and if these are eighties or later rebroadcasts.... itll be an adventure to sift thru it , thats for sure...

noticed another anonymous as well , so i better sign these for K.C. and Doc .

Dig your awesome attitude to the Docs efforts K.C. , having been a quiet follower of Docs for a long time ive seen him persevere thru shutdowns , asinine comments which can ruin the love of blogging , and
greatly appreciate his titanic efforts for us... he fought hard despite all ... and resurrected this blog when all seemed lost for it.... nice to see someone out there with proper perspective... and Doc , as always many many thanks for all you do and ever have...

Jim Bob
(there are no new Waltons jokes... trust me.... ive heard the all)

Dr. Forrester said...

JB -

In reply to your question as to whether these are fan edits - No. These are a series of programs broadcast by the ARTE channel (French language in Belgium & France, I believe) in the late 2000s.

There will be a total of seven installments. So, here's hoping that you like obscure 1970s era rock videos!

Regarding the Waltons - I have to tell you that I'd always thought of "Jim Bob" as a name that was probably invented for the Waltons - probably satirizing the sub-culture in which the program was set. Flash forward many years, I met a Boiler contractor (a fellow who installs steam boilers - huge hot water heaters, if you like) named Jim Bob. At first, I thought that someone was having a joke on me at his expense. But... it turned out that Jim Bob was really his name.

Before you feel too badly, I looked my name up in a database of those people incarcerated or on parole in the state of Michigan. It turns out that there are currently 6 such people with my name. And... they're a very unfriendly looking lot.

It's all madness.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info update... love the after 95 rebroadcasts... substantial upgrades in audio visual quality are assured.... kick ass !
thanks again

Jim Bob

Kwai Chang said...

Thanks, Jim Bob!
Great questions...I must tell you about the was love at first cone. Indeed, I wish my favorite bands could his kind of treatment (life 'breathed' back into them) but even more importantly the band in question could certainly be enhanced by his completely immersed love for the band...what color was that valentine's heart anyway? True love, wish you were here.
(PS- don't call me shirley with that axe , eugene)

Kwai Chang said...

Wow! What the hell just happened?
The Stones - Brown Sugar with Mick doing the best vocal performance of his career. The rest of the band could never be that tight live...pre-recorded backing track in my opinion. If I'm wrong about that...then this is the best Stones I've ever seen.

propylaen2001 said...

Too bad that all the links are dead...