Friday, March 2, 2012


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Dr. Forrester said...

Oh By The Way - The Missing DVD


PAL - 16/9
VBR 8000 Kb/bs - LPCM 1536 Kb/s

Source : 2007/12/12 BBC1 - DVB-C

Running time: 62 min 45 sec

1. Oh By The Way - The Animation Boxset
2. The Story Of Pink Floyd - Which One Is Pink? (BBC1)

A huge thanks to Gabi for the artwork


Anonymous said...

Let Gabi Know there is a typo on the rear of the artwork

2. (Wich)One Is Pink?

Anonymous said...

Which One's Pink ? is hands down the best documentary of the band ever...
respectful , insightful , and none of the less friendly interview moments from earlier documentaries.... very positive minded and pleasurable to view repeatedly...

Kwai Chang said...

I agree with anonymous...(but was he describing the doc or The Doc.???) Thank you, Sir are the respectful collector of this band without peer!!! I think everyone will be cured by your Rx. Which one's Pink???...
(...that'd be the Forrest)

Antonio said...

Please I´m missing the lst three links. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Links seems to be dead, and is it possible to upload this again?

Thanks for your sharing.