Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work III

I remember seeing a Part IV to this series... But, I did not buy it. I believe that it was largely live performances. *sigh* If any Kate-obsessed folks out there happen to have a copy, I'd love to hear from you!

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Nolan Micron said...

Hi Dr Forrester.

I've just discovered your blog on a recommendation from a comment on my own blog, Castles In Space.

This is an AMAZING blog, so full of rare and juicy goodies. I'm hyperventilating over all the Kate Bush posts alone!

I have added your site as a link on my blog. I hope this is OK.

Thanks, thanks, thanks for all your work here.

Your pal,


Chris Broughton said...

My goodness - best post on a music blog EVER. Thank you so much! I've been after these discs in a decent quality ever since -- well, the early nineties, really, when I couldn't afford to fork out for a box set mostly comprising albums I'd already bought at least three times each on various formats.

One thing: are there a couple of links missing for disc one? I can only get tracks 1-12 to unpack with these.

Anyway, thanks again, a magnificent post. Incidentally, does anyone know if the long-rumoured remasters of all the pre-Aerial albums are really ever going to happen?

Nolan Micron said...

Hounds Of Love has already been remastered. I'll be posting it in the next few days at Castles In Space.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Kate Bush postings. I have also enjoyed the Pink Floyd content and am getting a kcik out of the Beatles Cartoons too (these are a real upgrade from the AVIs I found on various torrent sites).

In a time when most new music feels somewhat disposable it's great to have access to rare music from so many of my favourites.

All the best...

Chris Broughton said...

Yes - 'Hounds of Love' was remastered 10 years or so back. I think at the time all her earlier albums were also intended to be remastered, but for some reason that never happened.

There was more talk of remasters prior to the release of 'Aerial' - I'm sure I read somewhere the intention was to re-release them all, then have the unveiling of the new album as the icing on the cake.

Just wondered if anyone had any updates.

Castles in Space is a corking blog, incidentally.

Dr. Forrester said...

Chris -

For Vol # 1, songs 1->12 are in .rars number 1 and 2. To get songs 13->15 and the cover art, you need to make sure to download rar part #3.

Nolan - You rock! Thanks very much for stopping by!

Chris Broughton said...

Thanks: downloaded part 3 again, and this time it works fine.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. posting thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm a big of Kate Bush
Thank you so much for sharing this album ! :-)