Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Z - 2013-04-04 - Grand Rapids, MI

This is a DVD project of the tribute band. They followed the Surrogate Band. Same Venue, same date, same stage, same camera, etc. Please see the comments for the links.


Dr. Forrester said...

Dr. Forrester said...

Intro music (not sure what this is)
Rock & Roll >
Celebration Day
The Wanton Song
Immigrant Song
Black Dog
Dazed & Confused
That's the Way >
Going to California
The Song Remains the Same
Moby Dick//

christian said...

Hi Dr. F,

Glad. To see you are posting again! Hopefully, you will be able to post some of the Harvested and MQR projects that happened while you were away.
Thanks for the memories!