Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High Quality Videos

Here are three more videos from high-quality U-matic tape sources. The band was one of my favorites during my younger years. The lead singer broke off from the rest of the band. One video is from the band without the original singer. One is from a solo effort... and one is a song that was supposed to be released, but got yanked back at the last moment. A few copies of the album with the song leaked out, so keep an eye peeled. None of these videos has ever seen an official release so far as I know.

Went to see a solo concert a few years back. The singer stopped the show - several times - to yell at the audience. It was terribly unprofessional. She directed one volley at me, personally, for - this is true - having the audacity to drink a soda in front of my child. (She said, "What kind of example are you setting, drinking that sugar water in front of your child?!?") I just smiled & waved. Turns out that she's one hell of a singer - but a stark raving looney in real life. She will never be asked back to that venue. I checked.


Anonymous said...

You're not the only one with an opinion like that. I don't know her but I have a friend in the music biz who does. If I remember right, she described her once as a person who thrives on being depressed, or something to that effect lol. The name of my friend is Tina. The name of the musical instrument she plays is the bass. ;)


Anonymous said...

I dealt with her (i was in radio.) Her label messed-up, screwed over a person who was supposed to meet the band. I asked her merely to call the person before they left town (gave her the phone #, would have even dialed for her.) She said I was asking an awful lot of her.

I learned from bigger fish than myself that she was just as big jerk to them, so at least she was a consistent jerk.