Monday, May 6, 2013

Surogate Band - 2013-04-04 - Grand Rapids, MI

Part 1
Part 2

** This is a DVD of what might turn out to be the band's last performance. 

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Dr. Forrester said...

The Surrogate Band

The Intersection
Grand Rapids, MI
Terran System
Western Spiral Arm
Milky Way Galaxy
Universe A

The Surrogate Band Players -

Jason Adams – Drums
David Brunger – Bass
Alex Gonzalez – Guitar,Vocals
Mark King – Keyboard,Vocals

Set List -

Let There Be More Light
Fat Old Sun
Interstellar Overdrive

The concert was filmed by Jeff W. He used a tripod and was positioned just in front of the sound booth.

The DVD authoring was done using DVD Architect 3.0. The menu image was provided by Alex Gonzalez.

The Surrogate Band has kept the lower Michigan area in the Pink for quite a few years now. Thanks!!!

Maybe, next time, Seabirds?