Monday, May 20, 2013

Jewel - High Quality Videos


** The gentleman in the second image is named Steve Poltz.  He's quite a character.  I first met him when his original band, The Rugburns, were playing a gig with Robyn Hitchcock at a club called The Magic Stick in the Detroit area.  Very, very unfortunately, it seems that all of the Rugburns' albums are currently unavailable.  During the show that I saw, the drummer spent some time running around the audience with a running chainsaw.  Oh, and they made up a song about an audience member being a pedophile after he tried to heckle them.  I laughed & laughed.

   Both Steve & Jewel seemed, to me, to be genuinely nice people.  It's a shame that they're no longer together.  But, they shared some amazing adventures that they both tell with very little prompting.  So, maybe that's the most important thing.

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