Thursday, March 3, 2011

National Health - 1979-11-11 - Toronto


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Dr. Forrester said...

National Health
The Edge, Toronto, Canada
November 11, 1979

Soundboard recording (with an audience recording spliced in for the last 12 minutes)

Source 1: SBD > MC > ? CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC (L6)
Source 2: AUD (starting at D2T03 @ 10:29 - lineage see below)

CD 1
1. Dreams Wide Awake
2. TNTFX / Silence
3. Seven Sisters
4. Toad Of Toad Hall
5. Phlakaton

CD 2
1. Nowadays A Silhouette
2. Jam / Rose Sob / Playtime
3. Squarer For Maud
4. Encore: Fourfold

Alan Gowen - keyboards
John Greaves - bass, vocals
Phil Miller - guitar
Pip Pyle - drums

Lineage for audience source: Sennheiser HD-414 headphones (see notes below) > JVC KD-2 deck > BASF ChromDioxid > Yamaha MT-4X four-track cassette deck > unknown sound card > Pinnacle Clean! > HD > WAV > CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC (L6)

Taper's recording notes:
As a matter of fact, it wasn't actually microphones at all but Sennheiser HD-414 headphones! I'm not sure if you're familiar with that particular model, but the ear-pieces were removable from the headband, and the cable from the ear-pieces. I had a denim jacket with two breast pockets which I'd cut small holes in the back of, and threaded the cable through each and re-connected to the ear-pieces. The cable then went inside the jacket and down to a Y-splitter (1/4" stereo to two 1/4" mono), and in to the KD-2 which was inside a canvas shoulder bag.

It was quite effective, though prone to mechanical noise if I moved too much.

The SBD faded out in "Squarer For Maude" at about 10:30 and missed the encore. Last year I got in touch with a guy in Toronto who attended the show and taped part of it, starting with "Phlakaton" until the end, i.e. including those parts that were missing from the SBD source. I used Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to splice the parts together. Also the volume level of the audience source had to be reduced to match the level of the soundboard source. So now I can present the whole show in all its glory.


Uploaded to Dime by propylaen in August 2008.

propylaen2001 said...

Thanks for the upload.
This was originally seeded to Dime by myself.
I remember it was not easy to get hold of the audience version of this show from which I added the last 12 minutes to the soundboard source.

Btw, several National Health shows were uploaded to Dime in the last few weeks - some new ones, some known but remastered.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing,first time i've ever heard them-will be checking out Amazon forthwith.
Cheers guys,Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly for this !
Amazing band and unfortunately so short-lived.