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Mott The Hoople - 1974-10-10 - Lund


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Dr. Forrester said...

Mott The Hoople
Lund, Sweden
Oct 10, 1974

Notes: First date of the Fall European tour with Mick Ronson in the group. This recording
was transferred from audio cassette to CD-R. The audio cassette was received in a trade several years ago and ran a little fast (which is how everyone I know had it). For the transfer to CD-R, the pitch was adjusted so that it sounded the right speed to my ears.

There were some changes to the setlist from the U.S. tour in the spring with Ariel Bender.
"Hymn For The Dudes", "Marionette", and "Walkin' With A Mountain" were replaced by
Ronson's Angel #9" and 2 new numbers, "Saturday Gigs" and "Lounge Lizard". Unfortunately,
"Saturday Gigs" is cut short and "Angel #9" is missing the first few seconds, as well as, any banter in between the 2 tracks. This is also where the tape flip occurs.


Ian Hunter Lead Vocals, Guitar
Overend Watts Bass (Lead Vocals on "Born Late '58")
Mick Ronson Lead Guitar (Lead Vocals on "Angel #9")
Dale Griffin Drums
Morgan Fisher Piano
Blue Weaver Organ (this is my best guess for organ player)


1. American Pie / Golden Age Of Rock'n'Roll
2. Sucker
3. Roll Away The Stone / Sweet Jane
4. Rest In Peace
5. Born Late '58
6. One Of The Boys
7. All The Way From Memphis
8. Rose
9. Saturday Gigs (cut - ends abruptly)
10. Angel #9
11. Medley: Drivin' Sister ->
Crash Street Kids ->
Violence -> Crash Street Kids
12. (audience)
13. All The Young Dudes
14. Lounge Lizard

Lineage: audio cassette (w/ pitch control) -> CD-R -> dBpowerAMP (secure) -> Wav ->
FLAC Frontend (level 8)