Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MB - 1987-07-02 - Clarkston, Mi


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Dr. Forrester said...

Moody Blues
Pine Knob Music Theater-Clarkston, Michigan

Recorded By: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)

Source: Audience Master Cassette

Transfer Date: 2008-08-16


2 DAK-5245 Mics>Sony WM-D6c Cassette Recorder (Dolby C On)>Master
Cassettes (2-TDK-SA-X90)>Yamaha Natural Sound Stereo Double Cassette Deck
K-902 (Dolby C On)>CD Wave Editor>THL flac level 8.


As memory serves me we were sitting about half-way back, near to center.
The acoustics at this venue are below average. The recording is decently
clear and full, while the crowd around us behaved a bit better than
average (for this venue). IMHO, a performance with variety, and a good
show by the band.

Recorder's Notes:

This recording has never been traded and is uncirculated.

This transfer was done with the Dolby C de-coded. IMHO, the recording
sound was a bit shrill, and was improved with the Dolby C de-coded. The
way to go with this recording was with the Dolby C de-coded (IMHO).


01-Gemini Dream
02-The Voice
03-Rock-N-Roll Over You
04-Tuesday Afternoon
05-Wildest Dreams
06-Isn't Life Strange
07-The Story In Your Eyes
08-It May Be A Fire
09-Voices In The Sky
10-Dear Diary
11-Veteran Cosmic Rocker
12-New Horizons
13-Talking Out Of Turn
14-The other Side Of This Life
15-I'm Just A Singer In A Rock-N-Roll Band
16-Nights In White Satin
17-Timothy Leary
18-Band Introductions
20-Ride My See-Saw