Monday, May 10, 2010

PF - 1994-10-20 - London

(not the cover)
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I couldn't find a reference to this transfer in the database - or any cover art anywhere. Still, it's a nice transfer & thought I should share it. See comments for details.


Dr. Forrester said...

Pink Floyd
Earls Court, London, UK
October 24th 1994

This set of files ripped by my mate Peter's from his own VHS-recording of the live-broadcast of 1994-10-20 and loaded up to FTP.

This PPV-version (pay per view) is different from the commercially available edition found on DVD. There are distorted microphone sounds during 'Shine On...' and David Gilmour makes two mistakes.

This is the live-broadcast. They corrected the distortions for the second broadcast the following day, but most of the bootleggers didn't recognise this and took the live-broadcast for their bootlegs, so you can hear Davids mistake in most of them.

Pete recorded the second broadcast without the distortions too, but they broadcasted it with copy-protection and the DVD-recorder refuses to copy the created VHS to DVD. However, in my opinion, the fact this is unaltered/repaired by the band makes this the one to have. It's closer to what happenned on the night. If you need it cleaned up, then go get the proper DVD -

There is a thread relating to this broadcast on Yeeshkul to be found at...

However, being very very nearly officially released material this edition will NEVER be available for download at 'Y'.

The above info' was created by me using information given by Peter via email.

Much KUDOS to Peter for getting this recording to DVD format and making it available. Cheers buddy :)

That's a wrap.

Novak (2010)

Anonymous said...

I find the mix of DSOFT much clearer and better than the one of the official CD/DVD!