Friday, August 15, 2008

David Gilmour - Tour 2006 - Matrix compilation

This is a matrix of 14 different recordings of Mr. Gilmour's 2006 tour. Loads of bonus songs (my favorite)

Set 1:
01 Castellorizon
02 This Heaven
03 Smile
04 Red Sky at Night
05 Take a Breath
06 Then I Close My Eyes
07 On An Island
08 The Blue
09 A Pocketful of Stones
10 Where We Start

Set 2:
11 Shine on You Crazy Diamond
12 Wots...Uh The Deal
13 Dominoes
14 Fat Old Sun
15 Wearing the Inside Out
16 Coming Back To Life
17 Breathe >Time >Breathe (Reprise)>Great Gig In The Sky
18 High Hopes
19 Echoes
20 Wish You Were Here
21 Find the Cost of Freedom
22 Comfortably Numb

Bonus Tracks:
23 Wots...Uh The Deal
24 Wearing the Inside Out
25 Breathe >Time >Breathe (Reprise)
26 Dominoes
27 Echoes

1 2 3 4 5 6


Anonymous said...

Great compilation

Have you heard if he's going to release a cd of royal albert hall concert? I have the dvd and love it, particularly the bonuses like wots uh the deal and the echoes acoustic easter egg...If I knew how, I would burn it myself, but alas there's only so much time.


Dr. Forrester said...

If they release the Royal Albert Hall on CD, I'll buy it. But, it only takes a few minutes to rip the audio from a DVD. Takes longer to divide into tracks than to rip the audio in the first place.