Saturday, August 30, 2008

8mm - Harvested DVD 9

The full quality artwork is in the archive or here.

The Part 1 in the text file (above) has been deleted. If you've already downloaded it, please delete it. It's corrupt. I uploaded a good copy of Part 1 here. I have successfully unpacked the new Part 1 with the other 37 parts & verified with the .md5.


Chris said...

Thank you very, very much for this, Doc!!!!!!!!!

German (Argentina) said...

excuseme, i complete the download, but the file 8mm.part1.rar`s told me that is broken, can u check it plz, whatever i download again in a few days to see if its realy broken, thx very much, cyas!!!

goa said...

thx in advance
he he he, the circle is complete!!!

my first dl here was theBelgian TV 1968 and now here ias another pretty HRV DVD.

thanks for the site as well for your contribution to PF community.

German (Argentina) said...

Thx for the answer, ill wait until u fix it, if u can tall us when its ready... lets do that!!!
thx again XD

Fordzilla said...

FYI, I believe the new "8mm" part 1 needs to be renamed once it is downloaded (using the same schema as the other parts) before the archive will extract properly.

Dr. Forrester said...

No, I don't think so. I don't remember having to rename it. But, hey, whatever works for you ... May depend upon what means you used to do the downloading. (Sometimes the file names change slightly.)

Anonymous said...

Great site, but sadly, it appears that part two of this 8mm DVD is now corrupt/deleted.


Anonymous said...

These links are lost.
Is it possible to renew them?
Thanx. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-upload the firts part?

thanks great blog!!