Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Dub Narcotic Encoded Melodic Device


This single was only sold in the Olympia, WA area.  Just try to keep that vinyl collection complete now!  


Dr. Forrester said...

1. I Something You
2. Zipper In My Spine
3. Man With A Woman's Shadow

This material was also issued as a promotional CD single -

The CD single was never sold in shops to the public.

The CD single version of "I Something You" lacks the spoken introduction that is
present here.

Anonymous said...

This and the Nov 86 (below) dl'd fine, but neither's FLAC files are recognized by my Roxio Creator upon attempting to Add them to make a disc. I tried one or two other FLAC dl's that are waiting to be burned, and these are seen just fine. The only dif I can see is that the two RH's are 24 bit; whereas the others I tried are all 16 bit. Any help/thoughts would really be appreciated!


WhatTS said...

I have this single on vinyl - and didn't buy it around Olympia (though perhaps mail order from K Records) - but would be great to have in digital form. Do you mind reposting?