Monday, February 10, 2014

1980 - Rehearsals



Dr. Forrester said...

01 - Goodbye Maurice or Steve
02 - Like a Real Smoothie
03 - Look Into Your Mirror (Live 1979)
04 - I Wanna Destroy You

"Goodbye Maurice or Steve" and "Like a Real Smoothie" were officially released
on the bonus CD of Underwater Moonlight. (Smoothie is also on the bootleg CD Invisible History).

"Look Into Your Mirror" presented here is different from the Invisible History version. This
one is a live recording, whereas IH's version is a studio track. Compare the singing style
and stresses when Robyn sings the line "I Wish I Was A Boy" if you think they're the same.

"I Wanna Destroy You" is an otherwise unissued demo version.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to listen to this and the up, just below, More Songs about Churches and Fish, for the first time. The covers were printed using coverXP and look awesome. Alright yeah, I am that excited!

Doc, thanks you so much ^v^