Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RH - V - Demons & Fiends

Right around 25 years ago, a new type of cassette trading became possible.  The format was called DAT - Digital Audio Tape.  The decks were more expensive.  The tapes were more expensive.  But, for the first time, copies could be made without generational loss.  Without going into a tedious history lesson, the DAT format caused a bit of a panic in the music industry, was expensive, and essentially collapsed.  But, during that brief window, a friend of mine built up a nice collection of Robyn Hitchcock-related DATs.  Some are shows that he recorded himself.  Some are things he got from his internet buddies.  The DATs have been located and losslessly transferred using a professional DAT deck.

The first one is a fan-made compilation of Robyn Hitchcock-related obscurities.  If there was ever cover art or a list of sources, we no longer have it.  Sorry!



Dr. Forrester said...

I Thought I Saw Julian Cope
September Cones
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Bob Dylan)
False Knight on the Road (Steeleye Span)
She Reached For a Light
It Should Be Darker
Birds In Perspex
You've Got
Wild Mountain Thyme (Byrds) > Oh Yeah (Roxy Music) > Over You (Roxy Music) > Another Bubble
Interview Segment
Rehearsal discussion of Yellow Submarine
Strawberry Fields
A Day In The Life
Flesh Is Not For Eating
The Angel Upstairs
Draft Morning (Byrds)
The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix)
Ten Fingers
Mr. Rock 'N' Roll
To Be Alone with You (Bob Dylan)
I'm a Man (Bo Diddley)
Consider Her Ways
KUSF - Story about Jefferson Airplane
Visions of Johanna (Bob Dylan)
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Bob Dylan)
Chinese White (Incredible String Band)
Melting Arthur
You're So Repulsive
Insect Mother
Demons and Fiends

Brewce Hamburger said...

DAT is still popular for studio mastering ( they don't use 1/2 reel to reel tape anymore ) and hard drive space is too easy to recycle with its mechanical lifespan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these RHs. Got them all up to Uncarved Pumpkins, except for this one (Demons and Fiends). Could you re-up? :)


Anonymous said...

clearly, no :)

i was wondering if these were in flac. Does it say anywhere on this blog?

I dream often of trains.