Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RH - 1998-04-29 - San Francisco, CA

Robyn, from time to time, toured with a violinist named Deni Bonet.  Her contributions were quite significant, broadening the sound, adding emotion.  This is one of those precious shows, once again taken from the master DAT.  A-mazing stuff!  They do Astronomy Domine.  If you haven't heard Astronomy Domine done on a violin...  Well, it's worth the download for just that!



Dr. Forrester said...

Robyn Hitchcock with Deni Bonet
Concert appearance: Wed., 29 Apr. 1998
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California US

Set list:

Cheese Alarm
Chinese Bones
Balloon Man
Beautiful Girl
I Used to Love You piano
Flavour of Night piano, w/Deni
De Chirico Street w/Deni
Arms of Love w/Deni
Egyptian Cream w/Deni
Let's Go Thundering w/Deni
Adoration of the City encore
Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd) w/Deni
Beautiful Queen w/Deni

Length: 85

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

Thanks for sharing these. Looks like I'll be dl'ing these whenever I can, this weekend! ^v^