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DG - 1978 - CBS promo videos



Dr. Forrester said...

David Gilmour
CBS Promo Videos
The Roxy, London, England
May 1978

Video: NTSC
Audio: PCM Stereo

A_L transfer: Sony VP-5020 U-matic player > Canopus ADVC 110 (AVI 720 x 480 uncompressed)

RonToon transfer: ¾” U-Matic tape > AVI (720 x 480 uncompressed) > TGA sequence (720 x 480 uncompressed via After Effects) > MPEG-2 (CBR 8 via Vegas)

My editor used a Sony VO-9850 U-Matic deck for the transfer. We used an AJA analog-digital converter to take the composite video and analog audio to SD-SDI which was then captured into the video editing software (Final Cut Pro) with a TBC thrown into the chain to help stabilize the image.

There’s No Way Out Of Here
So Far Away
No Way
I Can’t Breathe Anymore
Mihalis (taken from the Italian broadcast)

With Mark Gilmour (guitar), Rick Wills (bass), Ian McLagen (keyboards), & Willie Wilson (drums).

Arnold_Layne came into possession of a ¾” U-Matic tape of the four Gilmour promos filmed in support of his first solo album. It appeared to be the best quality source to date but there were severe problems with the tape. Arnold_Layne transferred the tape and every time there was a glitch the picture would drop out, roll, settle, and lose a few frames. The image was also a victim of some anti-alias cross-hatching and Arnold_Layne sent me the tape to see if I could get better results. I used a time base corrector for the transfer which kept the image steady during tape glitches and it also never dropped a frame. The image also looked better, but the TBC caused a “tearing” effect at the very top of the frame. What we had were two imperfect transfers and the challenge was to combine them.

I imported the uncompressed AVIs from each transfer into After Effects and lined them up so they matched each other visually in regards to position and color and synch. I cut a soft matte using the top 10% of the image from Arnold_Layne’s transfer while the majority of my transfer is revealed below it hiding the tearing effect caused by using the TBC. This worked surprisingly well despite the fact that I had to keep re-synching Arnold_Layne’s source every time there was a tape glitch. And there were dozens of them.

Each song was rendered as an uncompressed TGA sequence via After Effects which allowed me to import individual frames into Photoshop for retouching. Most of the bad glitches have been minimized, but some are still apparent. There’s only so much I’m willing to do and this process tried even my patience. The TGA sequences were imported into Vegas where the video was re-synched to MOB’s remastered, speed corrected audio. New title cards were created in Photoshop recreating the originals.

Although a video was produced for Mihalis it was not included as one of the four songs on the US CBS promo. It’s only known source comes from an Italian broadcast. As much as I didn’t want to include Mihalis (because the quality is so poor) I felt that most folks would appreciate it as a bonus track which can be accessed independently of the other four promos. Creating a version unique to this DVD I enlarged the image cropping out the scrolling text at the bottom of the screen.

Video transfers: Arnold_Layne and RonToon
Video restoration: RonToon
Audio restoration: MOB

This DVD has no affiliation with HRV Records.

Enjoy and share freely!
RonToon, MOB, & A_L (June 2013)

Anonymous said...

Is this really no longer available? Could you possibly re-list? Thanks.

propylaen2001 said...

It can still be downloaded from here:

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility this could be re-uploaded? This quality looks to die for, and the link given above a few years ago isn't working either... Thanks a million!