Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mott The Hoople - 1973-09-14 - Hollywood, CA



Dr. Forrester said...

Mott The Hoople
"Enter Bender"
The Palladium - Hollywood, CA
September 14, 1973

The notes I have say that this was digitally remastered from cassette to CD-R.
This is believed to be the first Mott The Hoople gig following Mick Ralphs
departure and hence, their first gig (or 2nd?) with Ariel Bender (Luther Grosvenor)
on lead guitar.

This is a fairly good audience recording and I'd rate the sound quality significantly
better than the 2 Boston Orpheum gigs that were recently posted.

Also, this is my first attempt at uploading a torrent on dime. Hopefully all goes
well and I can post some more Mott The Hoople shows as a result. If I can figure out
how to put up a sound sample I will (or maybe someone can PM me and tell me how to do

Lineage: CD-R -> EAC -> Flac Frontend (level 8)

Set list:

1. Jupiter Theme
2. Drivin' Sister
3. Sucker
4. Sweet Jane
5. Hymn For The Dudes
6. All The Way From Memphis
7. Angeline
8. Rose
9. All The Young Dudes
10.Jerkin' Crocus >>
11.One Of The Boys >>
12.Rock'n'Roll Queen
13.Walkin' With A Mountain

Mott The Hoople
Ian Hunter - lead vocals, guitar
Overend Watts - Bass
Ariel Bender - lead guitar
Dale Griffin - drums
Morgan Fisher - piano
Mick Bolton - organ

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!