Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mott The Hoople - 1970-06-11 - Filmore East


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Dr. Forrester said...

Mott The Hoople
Filmore East
New York
June 11, 1970

Here's an audience recording of a 40 minute set from Mott The Hoople at the Filmore East.
The tape that's been in circulation sounds too fast, so I've adjusted the pitch for this.
The sound quality is adequate and fairly typical of an audience recording from 1970. I'll
try and get a sample up.

This is the original Lineup of
Ian Hunter
Mick Ralphs
Overend Watts
Verden Allen
Dale Griffin

Set list

1. Darkness, Darkness (fades in)
2. Laugh At Me
3. Rock'n'Roll Queen
4. At The Crossroads
5. Half Moon Bay
6. You Really got Me

Lineage -> cassette from trade -> CD-R -> FLAC (dBpowerAMP) -> Flac frontend (level 8)