Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MB - 2003-11-13 - Rosemont Ill


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Dr. Forrester said...

Main floor dead centre section 109 row R seat 11
Recorder: Nagra IV-S Reel to Reel analog:
Tape: Scotch 3M-967 good for 48.30 minutes
Mics: DPA 4011 mics (48 volts in Nagra)

Played back on identical machine>
Pre-amp: Naim 52
CDR Recorder: Marantz CDR-600.
CDR: Taiyo Yuden Gold Satin 74-ZY
PC Drive: UltraPlex40max SCSI
EAC (1.8X speed extract OR slower)> FLAC> To You Guys, enjoy, RB

Lovely to See You
Gemini Dream
Tuesday Afternoon
Lean on Me (Tonight)
English Sunset
Your Wildest Dreams
Isn't Life Strange?
Steppin' in a Slide Zone
I Know You're Out There Somewhere
The Story in Your Eyes
The Voice
Don't Need a Reindeer
The Spirit of Christmas
December Snow
White Christmas
Higher and Higher
Are You Sitting Comfortably?
I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock 'n' Roll Band)
Nights in White Satin
Ride My See-Saw