Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MB - 1991-09-10 - Whisky A Go Go


Dr. Forrester said...

The Moody Blues Live at the Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles CA1991-09-10 in *THUNDEROUS* FM Quality - an over-the-top performance -mp3 sample and artwork included

Many thanks to Dime member frgfish for supplying the tape. Additional thanks to Dime member Rainbow_glo for the artwork!

This is a top-drawer performance... the guys sound great. Taped from a nationwide radio broadcast from the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, California, everybody seemed to be feeling the good vibes.

Setlist (runtime about 52 minutes)

Lovely To See You
Tuesday Afternoon
Bless The Wings
Lean On Me
Say It With Love
I'm Just A Singer
Nights In White Satin
Legend Of A Mind


A DoinkerTape

splhcb said...

Thank you ever so much!

I would love to hear a complete soundboard from from any of their Keys to the Kingdom Tour appearances. Saw them at this time in Munich's Circus Krone and was blown away.

Thank you.