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This Place Records CD 11



Dr. Forrester said...

TANGERINE DREAM - Rarities '70s-'80s
[ This Place Records TPR CD 011 ]

1. Ultima Thule Part 1 3:27 "Ultima Thule" German 7", 1971
2. Ultima Thule Part 2 4:22 "Ultima Thule" German 7", 1971
3. Oszillator Planet Concert 8:13 "Ossiach Live" LP, 1971
4. Overture 10:53 "V" sampler LP, 1975
5. Stratosfear (single version) 4:15 "Stratosfear" 7", 1976
6. The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades (single version) 3:24 "Stratosfear" 7", 1976
7. Monolight (single version) 3:10 "Encore" UK 7", 1977
8. Baryll Blue 7:16 "'70-'80" box set, 1980
9. Chimes And Chains 4:42 "'70-'80" box set, 1980
10. Haunted Heights 6:06 "'70-'80" box set, 1980
11. Dr. Destructo (extended version) 4:21 "Dr. Destructo" US promo 12", 1981
12. Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe 3:50 "Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe" German 12", 1982
13. Flock 2:27 "Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe" German 12", 1982
14. Katja 2:52 "Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe" German 12", 1982
15. Speed 2:34 "Das Mädchen Auf Der Treppe" German 12", 1982

1. Daydream 4:37 "Daydream" German 7", 1983
2. Moorland 3:57 "Daydream" German 7", 1983
3. Music Tracks 1 thru 8 11:58 "Risky Business - The Audio Movie Kit" US promo LP, 1983
4. The Dream Is Aways The Same (original LP version) 2:28 "Risky Business" LP, 1984
5. Love On A Real Train (original LP version) 2:18 "Risky Business" LP, 1984
6. Warsaw In The Sun (single version) 3:54 "Warsaw In The Sun" 7", 1984
7. Warsaw In The Sun Part 1 4:52 "Warsaw In The Sun" 12", 1984
8. Warsaw In The Sun Part 2 3:03 "Warsaw In The Sun" 12", 1984
9. Streethawk (single version) 3:03 "Streethawk" US 12", 1985
10. Horns Of Doom 5:41 KLEM "Jubileum" Dutch cassette, 1986
11. Dolphin Smile 5:02 "Dolphin Dance" US 12", 1986
12. A Time For Heroes (single version) 4:12 "A Time For Heroes" US CD5, 1987
13. A Time For Heroes (extended version) 6:03 "A Time For Heroes" US CD5, 1987
14. Tyger (single version) 4:27 "Tyger" 7", 1987
15. House Of The Rising Sun 4:40 Reflex Magazine flexidisc, 1989
16. Alexander Square (extended version) 6:16 "Alexander Square" German CD5, 1989
17. Lost Tale 3:26 KLEM "Electronische Muziek 1989" Dutch CD, 1989

Dr. Forrester said...


The purpose of this 2-CD set is to compile all the Tangerine Dream music that was released outside the regular albums during the ‘70s and the ‘80s, from the best possible sources and with the best possible quality. All the tracks here are therefore taken from samplers, compilations, singles and promos that were released by the band during that period but are out of print since a long time, and are presented chronologically by date of release.

Versions from singles or compilations that are just extracts from the regular album versions were not considered. Alternate versions of album songs were included only when they were a different mix, an extended version or an edited version.

Each track was carefully remastered, with manual cleaning of vinyl crackles and with special attention to ensure a correct speed (some of these rarities available on bootlegs often run too fast).

Additional notes for some tracks:

- Ultima Thule Part 1 is the original 1971 mix, not the 2000 remix available on some recent compilations

- Oszillator Planet Concert was recorded live on 21Jun71

- Overture is part of the unreleased "Oedipus Tyrannus" project, recorded Jun74

- Stratosfear and The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades from the Stratosfear single are edited versions

- The single version Monolight is a remixed version

- The extended version of Dr. Destructo has a portion of the original track duplicated to make it longer

- The 8 music tracks from the Risky Business audio movie kit are actually the following:
Track 1 is an alternate mix of No Future
Track 2 is an alternate mix of Lana
Track 3 is an alternate version of Guido The Killer Pimp
Tracks 4, 5 and 6 are short sound effects
Track 7 is Edinburgh Castle
Track 8 is an alternate mix of Love On A Real Train and corresponds to the closing credits

- The Dream Is Always The Same and Love On A Real Train from the original soundtrack LP are alternate versions compared to the soundtrack CD versions

- The three versions of Warsaw In The Sun are different remixes

- The single version of Streethawk is a remix

- Horns Of Doom was made available in 1986 but is actually a 1980 recording

- The single version of Tyger is a slight remix, with more percussions during the chorus

- The extended version of Alexander Square is based on the album track Alexander Square Reprise, but with an extended central part

In memory of Edgar Froese (1944-2015).

April 2015

Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much Dr. Forrester !!!

Mahavishnu Floyd said...

As always, though quite rarely these days, Just Add Cones has posted another great item. Especially nice because it is from the esteemed MOB. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I recall downloading a single CD from usenet about ten years ago purporting to do a similar job (albeit with an earlier cut off date). It had two tracks by "The Ones" from a 196? single which started the set. "The Ones" are a predecessor group to TD.

Anonymous said...

Edgar passed..what a great loss. This comp is amazing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic compilation - thanks !
Just one comment about content, though:
The Monolight single from 1977 had as its B-side the track "Hobo March" ( an Edgar Froese composition ) - this is omitted from this compilation.
Best Regards

christian said...

Thanks for posting. Haven't been by here for a while, I'm really glad to see that this is still available. Looking forward to your next item!