Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Robyn Hitchcock - 1997-05-22 - Magic Stick, Detroit, MI

This one doesn't sound great.  But, it is a really unique show.  The story I remember is that the club somehow accidentally double booked itself.  So, a band called The Rugburns opened for Robyn.  The Rugburns did, essentially, a full show.  Then, Robyn did a full show.  I am a huge Rugburns fan, and tapes of their shows are scarce.  So, even if the quality isn't the best, I am very glad to have this one.


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Dr. Forrester said...


Trade Tape -> Tascam 202mkv cassette player -> Realtek soundcard ->
SoundForge 7.0 -> sampled at 44/16 -> .wav -> TLH -> .flac -> WinRAR -> .rar file -> you

This tape comes to you from the Psychedelic Closet.

When transferring tapes, I always play every inch of tape on both sides.
Nothing but silence at the end is ever edited or altered.

If you want to "remaster" or provide a more detailed set list, please help yourself.

Rugburns (Opening Act)
Concert appearance: Thu., 22 May 1997
Magic Stick
Detroit, Michigan US

Set list:

01 - Love Letter To Althea
02 - Fence Around My Heart
03 - (not sure) (cuts)
04 - Ballad Of Tommy & Marla
05 - I've Got A Good Heart
06 - Football Tonight
07 - Tree Huggers
08 - Crazy, Crazy World
09 - The Great Mystery (cuts)
10 - Dick's Automotive

** Taper reports that the Rugburns were heckled by an audience member.
They then proceeded to make up a song about the audience member being a pedophile.
Sadly, no trace of this is found on the tape. It is assumed that it,
like other songs, was not recorded to conserve battery and tape.

Robyn Hitchcock Tim Keegan
Concert appearance: Thu., 22 May 1997
Magic Stick
Detroit, Michigan US

Set list:

01 - Gene Hackman
02 - Lysander
03 - Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom (tape flip)
04 - Clean Steve
05 - De Chirico Street
06 - Madonna of the Wasps
07 - Elizabeth Jade
08 - I'm Only You
09 - I Am Not Me
10 - You and Oblivion
11 - She Doesn't Exist
12 - Freeze
13 - Kingdom of Love
14 - taper requesting Trilobite
15 - The Speed of Things
16 - Oceanside
17 - Queen of Eyes
18 - Beautiful Queen