Monday, January 27, 2014

The Man Who Invented Himself



Dr. Forrester said...

01 - Brenda's Iron Sledge
02 - The Lizard
03 - Acid Bird
04 - Dancing On God's Thumb
05 - Eaten By Her Own Dinner
06 - The Man With The Lightbulb Head
07 - This Could Be the Day
08 - Egyptian Cream
09 - Fifty Two Stations
10 - The Rain
11 - Heaven
12 - Young People Scream
13 - Cathedral
14 - America

Anonymous said...

Wow, just read the listing for this. Amazing. Thank you so much... ^v^


svetik said...

Dear Dr. Forrester. Thank You very much for this rarest music. But this archive is corrupted (I tried download several times - hash sums is identical), can you re-uploaded it? Thanks and all the best.

christian said...

I'm also getting an error message when I try to extract the archive. Would really appreciate a re-up.


Dr. Forrester said...

Here... Try this one instead -

christian said...


Anonymous said...

You are putting me right down memory lane with these old boots and rare records!!!

This was one I bought strictly for "Dancing On God's Thumb"! Didn't disappoint!!

"We're all dancing on God's's a big disco"!!!