Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How to not impress concert security

I went to see the first two Roger Waters concerts in Chicago. During the second night, I stuck my ticket in my wallet - to keep it safe and on my person. I left my seat during the intermission. As I was returning, I saw that everyone was being asked to present their tickets before being allowed back into each given section. So, I promptly extracted my ticket from my wallet and presented it. Unfortunately, I presented them with this ticket -

The security person was ... unamused. I was totally baffled myself, to be completely honest. I had *no* idea that I had been carrying that particular item around for all this time. Eventually, after some ... conversation ... I was able to produce the appropriate item. I returned to my seat in time for the second half, which is really the only important thing. All is forgiven! Sorry for the confusion!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jill Sobule newspaper article

PULSE cartoon

Here's a cartoon from The Guardian - 6-July-1995

GD ticket

I've only been to just the one Grateful Dead show... But, the thing that really tickled me was the price. $27.50 is not at all bad, considering what I've recently laid out for Roger Waters tickets...

Syd's Birth Certificate

Been digging through the archives. Here's a birth certificate that I got about 15 years ago.