Thursday, January 28, 2010

Storm's WYWH film

Ten years ago, Storm Thorgerson Produced & Directed an internet-only film to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Floyd's album Wish You Were Here. At the time, I worried that it would soon be removed from the host web pages & we would lose it entirely. Happily, however, some enterprising young souls found a means of capturing it for posterity. Everyone (hopefully) has a little gem in their collection that they go back to over and over - and this one is mine. I am an unabashed Storm Thorgerson fan. I've often said that if I could meet any member of Pink Floyd, I would pick Storm Thorgerson. That dream came true one fair evening in 2007. He gave me a nice smile and several kind words.
If you download nothing else from this blog, please download this one. It comes with a small .txt file which explains what you need to do to get the film to play. Anyone still in need of help, please leave a comment & I'll do what I can.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robyn Hitchcock - The Hooded One

This is another selection from Tony's archives which was recently transferred by A_Layne for our amusement.

1 2

Soft Boys - Wading Through a Ventilator

I shared this one some time ago in .mp3 format. This time, we get to indulge ourselves in a new transfer of an original vinyl (very) kindly provided by Tony The Enchanter. The transfer was done by our friend A_Layne.



B - Sessions

B - City Of Light

B - Star Club

1 2 3

B - Magical Mystery Demos

B - Germany 66

B - First Beat

B - The Early Beats

Another fake Apple...
1 2 3

B - The Decca Audition

Another of the fake Apple releases...

B - Cavern Club Tapes

B - At Budokan 1966-06-30 (laserdisc transfer)

B - Atlanta'65 (Pièce De Résistance)

JL - Filming The Fantasies

B - To Be Expected

JL - 1974 WABX phone call

Phone interview with John Lennon by John Parenteau on 27 September 1974 (dated by reference to previous day's interview with the radio station CHUM), on WABX Detroit. Sourced from the DJ's 7.5" pre-fm open reel.


JL - 1971 St. Regis Hotel & Hotel Syracuse, NY

JL - Yer Blues

JL - Studio Tracks Vol 2