Wednesday, June 17, 2009

RW - Bray Studios Rehearsals, 2002-02-22


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Tomi said...

Roger Waters
Bray Studios Rehearsals
2002 February 22
A Hop the Pond release

NTSC/Dolby Digital Stereo

DVD 1 (54 minutes)
Warming Up
In The Flesh
Another Brick IN The Wall (Part 2)
Final Cut Suite
Pigs On The Wing
Shine On

Extras (40 minutes)
Lisbon Rehearsal (May 4th)
Barcelona Rehearsal (May 8th)

DVD 2 (87 minutes)
Set The Controls
Every Strangers Eye
Perfect Sense (Parts 1 & 2)
The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
It's A Miracle
Amused To Death
Brain Damage/Eclipse
Comfortably Numb
Each Small Candle
Flickering Flame

Hop The Pond boldly goes where few have gone before to take you behind the scenes for a fly on the wall view of Roger and the band rehearsing for the 2002 In The Flesh Tour. These DVDs were sourced directly from the master tapes. A DVD version of this recording has been available for the past few years but the authoring at the time would not allow any of the clips to be played in succession. Many clips are still currently playing on YouTube. HtP allowed me full access to the master tapes and now the entire unedited version is finally being shared on these 2 DVDs. The high quality of the audio and video plus unique nature of the event being captured gives this my personal thumbs up for the greatest VoIO ever shot.

RonToon (May 2008)